Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Where to See Autumn Colors in Japan

My favorite season is autumn and it's autumn now so Yay! I love the coolness in the air although I'm not really looking forward to the winter chill.

So why do I love autumn? 
First, autumn air reminds me of Christmas time in the Philippines. 
Second, autumn hints of romance and love. I just wish my love one is here.
Third, autumn in Japan signals the end of the year. And I really want this year to end. 
Last, the colors all around are just amazing. 

I won't explain my first three reasons but I'll just share the best spots for autumn colors viewing.

Monday, October 27, 2014

How to Avoid Dry Scalp and Dry Skin in Winter

My white bear and winter products

Dry scalp and dry skin are major problems during the cold months in Japan. Dry scalp causes dandruff while dry skin can cause chafing. I never had a disturbing case of flaky scalp until I started living in Japan. My skin has never looked so dry, I could almost scratch the surface, until I came to Japan.

To avoid these overall dryness, here are the products I use. I find them effective in the previous cold seasons in Japan:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Best Companies to Get Teaching Jobs in Japan

Sunset at Lake Hamana, Shizuoka
If you've been thinking of teaching English in Japan, this season is the best time to decide and apply. If you start applying now, you'll have time for the application process and get visas before school starts again in April 2015.

You can start your application for an English teaching post with the companies below. I did not include the JET Program because it's more competitive and  the application process is "mendoksai" (such a bother). I'm only recommending these three companies because they're already established in Japan. They also have more job opportunities than other smaller companies. You'll have more chances landing a teaching job through these companies.Their recruitment process is discussed on their websites so you'll have a clear idea about what to do, what to prepare and what to expect.
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